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Investigations examining the Saudi Led Coalition aerial bombardment campaign in Yemen: A collaboration between Bellingcat and the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN)

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SAN10017 - The Office of the Presidency Strike
Sep 2, 2019

On 7th May 2018 a building in Sana'a was hit by two munitions. Although multiple reports claimed that the Presidential Palace had been hit, it in fact appears that this building was in fact the Office of the Presidency, a civil administrative building complex.

SAN20005 - Sana'a Raqqas Strike
Sep 2, 2019

On 16th May 2019 multiple airstrikes hit in and around Sana'a. One of these airstrikes appears to have hit a residential area in Al Raqqas immediately next to a school.

SAA10012 - The Manbah Market Strike
Sep 1, 2019

On 19th September 2015 an airstrike hit what appears to have been a commercial area in a village in Manbah.

TAI10006 - The Haifan Junction Strike
Sep 1, 2019

On 27th July 2016 an airstrike hit near Haifan Junction. There were claims that multiple civilians were killed in this strike. There are also several claims that Houthis were the target and among the casualties.

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