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Investigations examining the Saudi Led Coalition aerial bombardment campaign in Yemen: A collaboration between Bellingcat and the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN)

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SAN10006 - Jaref Spa Bombing
May 8, 2019

We used open source information to examine allegations that the Saudi Led Coalition had bombed a mosque near Jaref Spa on the morning of 12th January 2016.

SAA10009 - Dahyan Bus Bombing
Apr 30, 2019

A Saudi-led coalition air-delivered munition struck a bus carrying a number of children on August 9, 2018. The strike took place in the morning hours at approximately 8:25 AM GMT+3 and hit a crowded marketplace, we look at the open-source information available from the strike to assess what happened.

HAJ 10005 – The Abs Prison Strike
Apr 28, 2019

We assess an alleged airstrike that took place on the 12th of May 2015 in Abs, Hajjah, Yemen. Using open-source information and analysis we identified the location of the strike as the Abs Prison, as well as two other buildings that were targeted on the same day.

ADE10001 – Fayoush Market Strike
Feb 21, 2019

We identified the location of the alleged strike as the al-Fayush market. Using open sources, including images, videos and satellite imagery, we confirmed the strike took place in a livestock market near to a petrol station and multiple other services, such as a Qat market and restaurant.

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UPDATE: The first full set of investigations, Attacks on Civilians, will be published in August
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